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Azienda Agricola Pisani Dossi

Pisani Dossi Azienda Agricola

The Pisani Dossi Farm has been in business since 1982 and for over 30 years, has been dedicated to and specialised in the production of sturgeon, carrying out the entire breeding cycle from reproduction to processing and packaging of the final product. After more than 20 years of marketing embryonic eggs, larvae, fry, and adult sturgeons, Azienda Agricola Pisani Dossi started the production of Fresh Sturgeon, Smoked Sturgeon, and Caviar, following a scrupulous artisan approach aimed at guaranteeing high-quality products and obtaining an excellent market response.

The Azienda Agricola Pisani Dossi aquaculture plant is located in the Parco Agricolo Sud of the Province of Milan and occupies an area of approximately 5 hectares.

The fish farm consists of 15 basins with natural bottoms and an extension between 500 and 2.000 sqm, for a total of about 20.000 sqm, and more than 150 fibreglass and concrete tanks of different shapes and capacities, located outside and inside a greenhouse of about 3.200 sqm.

The water supply to the plant comes exclusively from the extraction of four wells at -32/36 m and from a natural resurgence. The temperature of the water from the wells is constant throughout the year at around 14°C, while from the resurgence it varies, depending on the season, between 7°C and 21°C. This factor is very important for the maintenance of the breeding stock and the spontaneous maturation of their gonads.

In addition, the supply of water from sources that are not in communication with the surface hydrographic network, together with constant monitoring of the health status of the reared animals, allows the facility to maintain the highest category of health recognition in accordance with the regulations in force.

Inside the greenhouse, the plant has several systems for partial or total water recirculation, which is constantly filtered and purified using mechanical and biological technologies. In addition to saving and optimising the sources, this feature allows the water temperature to vary according to the needs of the species being grown and the conditioning of the breeding stock.

Our company philosophy promotes production oriented towards quality and attention to detail, thus distinguishing us from mass production systems. The intrinsic characteristics of the plant together with the constraints of land protection imposed by the Ente Parco Agricolo Sud of the Province of Milan and the agricultural vocation of the area offer all the opportunities necessary to achieve high levels of excellence.

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